Coffey Break 2020

was going to be a great year for our cadets and seniors.

                        King of the Rock – July 10-12


Good morning,

Due to continued state restrictions due to the pandemic, it has been decided that this year’s King of the Rock be cancelled!

As you know, continued restrictions are still in place on large gatherings by both the Civil Air Patrol Command and the state of Illinois and because of this, we feel it is in the best interest for the safety and health of both Seniors and Cadets to cancel this year event.

To our Staff who so graciously offered to assist, please note that your interest will remain recorded and you will be contacted for next years event in hopes that you are still able to assist.

Looking forward to next year’s event – Please continue to stay safe, focused and positive! Thank you

Summer Encampment Cancelled

The 2020 summer encampment. With the restrictions placed on overnight activities and large gatherings by both CAP leadership and that of our state, the wing command staff  there is no way we can host a successful encampment in Illinois this summer

The last physical Squadron meeting we had was March 3, 2020
At that time we had several promotions to celebrate:

Cadet Promotions:

Curry Achievement
Cadet Bayless
Cadet Howard

Cadet Airman 1st Class
Cadet Colbert
Cadet Sutherland

Cadet Senior Master Sergent
Cadet Harris

Cadet Chief Master Sergent
Cadet Morgan

Promotions are an important part of a cadets growth. Parents participation in the promotions are very proud moments. Cadet Bayless and Cadet Howard promoted to Cadet Airmen and received their Curry Award.

Public Affairs Officers,   We need your help sharing National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Smith’s new “Keep Calm and CAP” message in support of Civil Air Patrol members during the coronavirus pandemic. Smith’s message can be found in CAP’s COVID-19 Information Center at this link.
The Marketing & Strategic Communications team encourages you to copy and paste CAP’s Facebook post (below) and push it out on your unit websites, as well as your Facebook and other social media channels. (If you have trouble sharing from the screen capture below, here is the link to CAP’s Facebook post.)
Thanks for sharing this positive message!

Cadet powered O’ Flights

Subject to aircraft availability and weather

Veteran Day 2019

The cadets of the Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol, Cornelius Coffey composite squadron 332 red tails standing by to perform the MIA/POW ceremony at the veterans day program at the Apostolic Deliverance Church 2237 w. 63rd st. Chicago Illinois, to which they did a remarkable job, my thanks go out to them and their senior staff advisors

Ltc. Col. D. Stacker

The cadets of the Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol, Cornelius Coffey composite squadron 332 red tails at the South Holland Recreation Center

Cyber Patriot Season Has begun

(Left to Right) Cadet Harris, Cadet Morgan, Cadet Chavez

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