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Bessie Colman

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We have confirmed that the 40th Anniversary of the Bessie Colman Flyover event will be on April 27, 2019.

We are looking for all members, past members and Alumni of the Cornelius R. Coffey Squadron and other Chicago Area Squadrons past and present to join us on this day.

Lt. T. Richardson
Cornelius R. Coffey Composite Squadron



Oscar Lawton Wilkerson a Tuskegee Airmen (center) takes a photo with the Color Guard Team of the Cornelius R. Coffey Composite Squadron.

Tuskegee Airmen is a group of African American aviators and support personnel who served during World War II.

Cindy Copenhaver at the South Holland Community Center hosted a

Tribute to the Military and Veterans



Major Larson, Illinois Wing ,Group 2 commander addresses Coffey Squadron #332 during the squadron’s first back to school/new recruitment festivities as Coffey squadron commander First Lieutenant Richardson looks on.

Recruiting New Members 

The Civil Air Patrol’s cadet program is a traditional military-style cadet program, and is one of the three main missions of the Civil Air Patrol. CAP cadets wear modified versions of United States Air Force uniforms, hold rank and grade, and practice military customs and courtesies.

Youth members must be at least 12 years old and not yet 19 years old. Cadets joining a unit in their school may join under the age of 12 as long as they are in the sixth grade

The general qualifications to become a CAP pilot are:
1. Be an active CAP member at least 17 years of age (16 years of age for CAP glider pilots)
2. Possess a valid FAA private, commercial, or airline transport pilot certificate.

Our Approach

Cornelius R. Coffey Cadet Squadron

A cadet unit squadron charged with transforming youth into dynamic Aerospace and Technology leaders through a curriculum of leadership, aerospace, fitness, and character.

Our program follows a military model and emphasizes Air Force traditions and values.

Today’s cadets are tomorrow’s leaders.

The future start NOW!

Next Steps…

Why join Civil Air Patrol?

We can give you a million reasons to join us.

But only you can experience the excitement and decide.

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